You are a seeker, 

A believer, 

A dreamer, 

A doer,

A mover and shaker...

Energy work has given me everything I needed and wanted from

  • healing my chronic fatigue to
  • clearing my block to marriage and
  • creating a multi-six figure business that fills my heart with joy because of the gratification of helping so many people.

  • Chronically single,
  • Chronically anxious
  • Chronically drained, unable to set aside time to take care of self
  • Chronically struggling with the same business or career problems.
  • Chronically unable to make decisions to support success (like working with you!)

If you or your clients have had trouble manifesting what you want, money, love or success, there is likely a Subconscious Fear of having what is wanted.

This is the real reason why you or your clients are:

We hold old emotional and energetic patterns in our bodies and psyches that could have us repeating parental or ancestral blocks to success and happiness without even knowing it! Don’t worry...it’s not your fault. Your mind and body are designed to protect you, so this is an evolutionary process that is natural and often, unconscious. 

Our bodies and brains remembered the emotions, tone, words, smell and sounds associated with stressful events from our pasts, so we would be better prepared for the future.


When you got burned as a kid, you learned fast that stoves are hot and NOT to be touched.

But you also may have learned that……


Men aren’t to be trusted... if you saw your mom unhappy in her marriage- you might be carrying unconscious emotional material causing you to attract unavailable men because marriage isn’t “safe”.

When you were upset and got candy or ice cream, and you felt better, so you may have learned that sugar gives you emotional comfort versus care or love. So, you may turn to food when you are upset versus being able to comfort yourself emotionally and to ask for what you need in your relationships.

Make sense? Humans are incredibly adaptive and are constantly taking in information in order to survive. But can you see how while some lessons you might have learned still hold true (like the stove), while others aren’t actually serving you or your highest good?

Imagine being able to clear fear, anxiety, and any upsetting emotion whenever it comes up in your own life or with your clients…

In addition to the learning how and when to apply exercises like the ones you experienced in the webinar, you will also learn how to muscle test both yourself and your clients to determine the exact emotional block, limiting belief and even the year of life the habitual response was programmed into the subconscious.


This is what the psychologist in the Grey’s Anatomy Clip in the webinar was able to use to determine the original source of Dr. Owen Hunt’s chronic anxiety and inability to feel joy or pride in himself. 

The psychologist was able to help Dr. Hunt pinpoint what happened when he was 10 years old, how he won the science fair, then came home to tell his family and found out his father died. When the psychologist could help the doc process and separate the pain of his father’s death from the feelings of joy and accomplishment he felt earlier that day when he was ten, he freed Owen up to feel joy and pride in his life. Since the psychologist visit on the show, he is a new man, a much happier one!

While the show might be fiction (granted, binge-worthy fiction), I’m here to tell you that the results of this work are REAL. 


As you’ll remember, his friend referred him to this integrated psychologist, because of her own positive, life-changing experience.

These are the same kind of referrals it warms my heart to receive every day because it’s proof I am doing good, REAL, powerful work. Referrals are the highest compliment I can receive because it means my clients trust me with their precious connections. And, it is what has built my business.


The way I test and rate the effectiveness of my work, sells it for me.

Over the 15 years I have been in business with a very savvy, New York clientele, I have learned the most effective way to present this work, so you can focus on the fun part, creating, “Ah Ha!” moments with your clients versus marketing.

“My experiences with Lara and her energy clearing work have been absolutely astonishing. Her intuitive nature combined with get to the bottom of it professionalism, have yielded life-changing results not only for me, but for those I have sent her way. 

One session can shift years of heaviness, and clear things that have been blocking you for decades. She was also able to identify energy that needed to be cleared from my new apartment, and did so without setting foot in the place. 

I am grateful for her work, but most grateful for my initial visit which made me seek her while my estranged mother was dying of cancer. A lifetime of unresolved pain and a terrible relationship had never been healed, and now my mother's terms to allow me to see her were that "I never bring up the past" I would have to heal on my own trauma without closure. I wasn't sure how I could do that. Two sessions with Lara and it was cleared. I went to visit my mother with a light heart, release, and forgiveness, and was able to say goodbye. 

I am eternally grateful for her work, and I have sent the people I love most to her. 

She is a true healer.” 

- Michelle Manning Barish -

It’s these kinds of results that led me to create a program so that people like you can learn what I have to teach so that even MORE people can get access to the deep healing they need to show up for who they’re meant to be and what they’re meant to do in this world.

You can’t get all that I am teaching in this program anywhere else.

is a 7-month interactive group coaching experience that takes you step-by-step through learning the client exercises and the sales process to get life-altering results and expand your business.


How to uncover emotional blocks that are thwarting progress and how to upgrade limiting beliefs with a customized positive mantra.


How to assess Element types in The Chinese System, the emotional significance of each Meridian Tapping Point and how to create customized Tapping Routines for your client’s unique needs.


How to work with The Chakra System to change perception and the way one reacts with the world and how to clear chakras of information that may be distorting reality and causing lack of safety, self-worth, identity, compassion for self or others, opportunity and connection.


How to begin to work with Family Constellation Therapy to recalibrate perception of familial dynamics and heal breaks in bonds with foundational energetic relationships so that your clients can fully accept and benefit from their life force.


How to preserve and protect your energy by creating energetic protective boundaries, how to clear stagnant or negative energies from a physical space and how to cut energetic cords and attachments that hinder growth.


How to receive guidance from your Intuition, Highest-Self and Spirit Guides and how to harness the power of The Law of Attraction for both you and your clients so that you can step into your divine right to prosperity.

In the 4th month of the program, we’ll meet in person for a Luxury Retreat in NYC!!!!!


During that weekend, you’ll learn how to muscle test yourself and your clients, discover how to use essential oils to retrain specific emotional reactions to stress and get the opportunity to practice with a partner to get comfortable with your new skillset.

MY HOPE AND DREAM IS THAT THIS WORK CAN HELP coaches, therapists AND influencers TEACH PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE more powerful than their circumstances or fears.

I am looking to curate an intimate, powerful group of true changemakers that are ready to show up, be open and do the work.

I’m limiting the enrollment to just 12 participants.


7 Modules of Life and Career Changing Material (Value:$2079)

7 Months of Coaching including a monthly Q and A and Daily Facebook Group Coaching (Value: $1953)

12 Quick and Easy Daily Morning Exercises and Evening Meditations that calm and reprogram your own limiting beliefs, so you can learn the material easily as you benefit from it yourself daily (Value:$197)

My Sales System complete with All The Forms You Need to Be Successful (Value: $497)

Fabulous Foodie Level Food and Beverage Included (Value: $525)

4 Private Sessions with Lara (Value: $1500)

You can expect that I will deliver highly effective exercises that create mind-blowing results, a proven marketing process that will generate clients that can’t wait to work with you and personal one-on-one coaching and energy healing with me.


1 Luxury Learning Retreat in NYC (Value: $3779)

VALUE: $10,530


TOTAL VALUE: $12,726

  • Access to my Energy Hack Library of over 50 energy balancing and stress relieving exercises (Value: $997)
  • Curated Box of Essential Oils (Value: $327)
  • My Unique Vision Board Masterclass, 4 Week Program (Value:$497)
  • Online Vision Board Coaching Call (Value $375)

The energy medicine and psychology techniques alone, without the benefits driven sales system would cost $14,330.00 and it took me 5 years of my life to learn the most essential aspects of these techniques for clearing emotional blocks and habitual patterns.

After working with 3 different marketing experts and spending about $50,000, I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the best of the best and put it into practice in my own business...so I know what actually works when it comes to sharing this with clients (as I shared with you in the training). 

I have created a proven sales system that is clear and easy to implement and I am committed to giving you all of the tools you need to use this in your own business. 

Real life Investment

(if you did this on your own):

More than $65,000


$ 665.00



BONUS For Pay In Full

3 ADDITIONAL One-on-One Sessions with Lara (VALUE:$1125.00)




So why am I committed to giving you all of this value?

I created The Freedom Method because I don’t want you to waste time or money to learn and practice this work because now, more than ever, the world needs people to HEAL their emotions. 

The results of this work cannot be denied (and you can read about those more right here). What I know after 15 years of practice is that the truth is that emotional suffering is an option.

A single upgrade of a limiting belief can erase years of feeling stuck and give you what you know on some level you deserve.

...receiving unexpected ‘Thank You’ notes from clients sharing how your work helped them finally get what they wanted after struggling for years.

… having the tools to alleviate your own anxieties and fears; how could that free you up?

…never having to worry about selling, marketing or networking because you receive so many word of mouth referrals

…being able to have both the financial and career security to be able to take care of yourself and enjoy your life.

…being part of a movement of that is helping our society evolve emotionally and knowing you are making a big difference.

Is the Freedom Method right for you? 

It may not be. It’s all about fit.


That’s why I’m offering you a chance to connect with me one-on-one to see if this is right for you.


I find that my clients, who are drawn to this work, know in their heart and soul pretty quickly if this is something they are called to do.


So let’s talk about it. I am sure that when we speak, your heart will know if this is a fit.




It’s my goal to share the energy work with as many people as I can. That is why I am looking for a few good people to teach and mentor...because I believe the ripple effect can be WORLD changing.

When you say yes to The Freedom Method, you’ll be joining a movement that is helping our entire society evolve emotionally...and making a BIG difference.

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